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Free Verse


Satisfaction Is Happiness


Life full of have nots,
you can`t look,
for your parts happiness,
there is black stip of illusion,
on your eyes,
the mind strays
here and there like a dear,
don`t envy the grandeur,
don`t look at the palace,
your hardships will increase,
your life will become a hell,
enjoy in your haves,
satisfaction is happiness





Make strong your will,
don`t fall after defeat,
stand up at once,
complete your work with courage,
don`t go away from the field,
your zeal and courage,
will bring a new success,
touch the blue sky,
don`t loose courage



Now A Days


The flowers blossom now a days,
but where is the fragrance?
there are travelers and destinations,
but paths have changed now a days,
humanism has lost,
friends have become enemies now a days,
the sun doesn`t blaze,
only the nights have remained now a days





Never look at them,
who do not love you,
what will you get from jealousy,
do your duty of hard work,
have confidence in yourself,
that you do not require others,
get what you want,
create such confidence,
know and explore yourself,
you have to go ahead,
try and get success,
don`t look back,
march ahead
with confidence





The crowd is everywhere,
we are feeling suffocation everywhere,
we are not able to distinguish,
who is ours or who is not,
everyone is living in fear,
there is a flood of tears,
control population,
control pollution



Sai Hymn - 2


Sai, Sai, Sai
you lover of everyone,
you supporter of everyone,
you healer of every wound
you provide shelter to everyone
we love you one by one



Mother is Great


Mother is the creator of life,
mother is hapiness of insight,
mother is stream of the Ganges,
mother is language of love,
mother is the teacher of rituals,
mother is the soul of God,
mother, thou are great









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