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Karina Klesko


Interpretations of Spring


Dear All,

These blossom verses are really beautiful, each one I see a new picture...

I have had a very hard time picking, each time my list seems to get longer instead of shorter!

I could expound on the strength of this or the weakness of that, or if they are exactly ascetically correct, in line lengths or counts...but the blossom is so wonderful it is as if you have all opened up to your own interpretation of Spring. What you see to be beautiful or remarkable and I just cannot say one is better than the other.

I picked the Blossom theme because of the beauty of Spring. I chose Weddings for the next theme in the May / June 2009 issue...

I think that will be a wonderful thing to write about.
Blessings to all ! Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Karina









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