May / June 2009 "wedding" Thread




Announcing May / June 2009 "Wedding" Thread

The theme of the May / June 2009 haiku thread will be anything to do with weddings.

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the "wedding" Thread.

Subject Line: May / June 2009 "wedding" haiku thread.

Deadline: Midnight Friday, June 26, 2009.


Author, Country

All Haiku received will be posted daily on-line at  May - June 2009 "wedding" Haiku Thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the Tuesday, June 30, 2009 Sketchbook.


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The following poets have contributed to the June 30, 2009 Wedding Haiku Thread


Participants: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22, 23,24

Corbelle Armando (Catbird55), US; Ed Baker, US; Robin Beshers, US; W. R. Bongcaron, PH; Pris Campbell, US; Armando Corbelle, US; Gillena Cox, TT; Martin Gottlieb Cohen, US; John Daleiden, US; Andrzej Dembończyk, PL; Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic, RS; Garry Eaton, CA; Krzysztof Kokot, PL; Artur Lewandowski, PL; Jacek Margolak, PL; K. A. Martin, CA; Iga Gala Miemus, PL; Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN; Mariusz Ogryzko, PL; Karen O'Leary, US; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Barbara A Taylor, AU; Maria Tirenescu, RO; Saša Važić, Serbia; Monika Wojtenka, PL; Rafal Zabratynski, PL

Countries:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,

Australia, Canada, India, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, United States


my x
sending me and the children
an invitation to her wedding

# 01. Ed Baker, US

trying moment
the groom's mother casts
a strained look

# 02. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

bridal wreath
blossoms entwine—
garden wedding

# 03. Karen O'Leary, US

you and I—
on the wedding cake
fresh strawberries

# 04. Krzysztof Kokot, PL

full moon
half moon
just another useless wedding

# 05. Ed Baker, US

old wedding photo
of the grandparents—
how beautiful they were!

# 06. Andrzej Dembończyk, PL

wedding day
I see stars
in your eyes

# 07. W. R. Bongcaron, PH


celebrity wedding
on TV
she sniffles while I snort

# 08. Garry Eaton, CA

wedding into the pond
cold water birds
all wet

# 09. Ed Baker, US

may is at the door—
clouds travel
in wedding white

# 10. Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic, RS

after the wedding
all of this
and heaven too

# 11. Ed Baker, US

June wedding
a tyke in tuxedo
falls out of line

# 12. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

performing another
a shot-gun for the center-piece

# 13. Ed Baker, US

open house wedding
the neighbor’s dog appears
through the cake

# 14. Martin Gottlieb Cohen, US

wedding party—
the bride lost
her garter

# 15. Andrzej Dembończyk, PL

moonlight sonata
a row of sleepy guests
attends the wedding

# 16. W. R. Bongcaron, PH


I won't go to her
or her funeral!

# 17. Ed Baker, US

smiling couple waves
to a church-full well wishers
noontime wedding

# 18. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

bridal morning
nose bent to cinnamon tea
and Old Spice

# 19. Pris Campbell, US

the night before the wedding
she elopes
with the best man

# 20. Garry Eaton, CA

tomorrow's her
tonight she's with me

# 21. Ed Baker, US

honeymoon getaway car
the tin cans
tear the bumper off

# 22. Garry Eaton, CA

wedding gift
most of the attendees
skip the soiree

# 23. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

wedding soup
the reflection of the bride’s father

# 24. Martin Gottlieb Cohen, US

flu scare
the church is near empty
on a grand wedding

# 25. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

exchanging vows
before the altar
at the nudist's chapel

# 26. Garry Eaton, CA

a thousand couples
exchange vows and "I do's"
mass wedding

# 27. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

church stairs
with grains of rice...
doves flutter

28. Jacek Margolak, PL

June wedding
smiles here and there
for the photo op

# 29. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

the march
from Leerandgrin
to the altar

# 30. Garry Eaton, CA

the paper that spoils the fun
on wedding night

# 31. W. R. Bongcaron, PH

senior wedding
the noise from the bridegroom’s
children’s children

# 32. Martin Gottlieb Cohen, US

a commitment
to love honour and respect:
wedding vows

# 33. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

in the front of the altar a groom
crosses his fingers

# 34. Artur Lewandowski, PL

wedding day—
she puts into her hair
white camelia

35. Jacek Margolak, PL

soaring gold prices
an increase in couples
at weddings in May

# 36. Barbara A Taylor, AU

sadness holds me
beneath soft pillows
wedding vow

# 37. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

a quest
for unity and strength...
the wedding

# 38. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

bachelor party
the longest married
stifles a yawn

# 39. K. A. Martin, CA

wedding oaths...
a sunbeam falls
on her veil

40. Jacek Margolak, PL

on bended knee
she proposed on tv
for her hand

# 41. Barbara A Taylor, AU

wedding bells:
marring the bride's make-up
a torrent of tears

# 42. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

a wasp alights
from her scented
bouquet of hearts

# 43. Barbara A Taylor, AU

joyful guests amidst
the flash of cameras...
wedding procession

# 44. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

cathedral stairs
the fog lays
on the veil's curve

45. Jacek Margolak, PL

curtain of rain
among drenched gifts and flowers
a wedding garter

# 46. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

wedding thread
thins in time but plastic enough
to last, though fragile

# 47. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN

the bridegroom
fumbling with the ring...
a chuckle from his bride

# 48. Keith Simmonds, TT

fading out
my wedding memory—
relationship grows

# 49. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN

a packed church...
the bride's father is all smiles
walking down the aisle

# 50. Keith Simmonds, TT

evening finale
a blanket of silence
in the wedding suite

# 51. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

beads of sweat
run down the groom's brow...
unpunctual bride

# 52. Keith Simmonds, TT

country wedding
an old maid pushes a tear
under her kerchief

# 53. Saša Važić, Serbia

crossing the wedding bridge,
paying the taxes, he hopes
to live peacefully

# 54. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN

a line of cars
decorated with smiles—
a girl by the church

# 55. Saša Važić, Serbia

an old couple
whispering sweet nothings...
here comes the bride

# 56. Keith Simmonds, TT

rushing and sounding
horns—the whole village
at the wedding

# 57. Saša Važić, Serbia

new bride chatting
with her old flame:
the groom looks on

# 58. Keith Simmonds, TT

wedding ceremony—
a petal from the bunch of roses
in front of the bride's feet

# 59. Saša Važić, Serbia

June downpour
the bride in tears...
her groom says "I do"

# 60. Keith Simmonds, TT

everyone stops dancing
the cake split in
a hundred small pieces

# 61. Saša Važić, Serbia

tremblng hands
exchange rings—
tuxedo and lace

# 62. Robin Beshers, US

taking off
her wedding dress, the bride
looks at her mother's photo

# 63. Saša Važić, Serbia

afternoon in June—
will the bride arrive in time
still no rain

# 64. Gillena Cox, TT

small bedroom window—
a maid follows the wedding

# 65. Saša Važić, Serbia

the brides's bouquet—
gloved hands clasp tightly
white lilies

# 66. Gillena Cox, TT

the wedding gown
as white as the country road
in the store window

# 67. Saša Važić, Serbia

two brides, two grooms
one Saturday morning

# 68. Gillena Cox, TT

a wedding to pay for
love may be priceless
until the bills come

# 69. Corbelle Armando (Catbird55), US

50th wedding anniversary—
grandmother's head
all in white yet again

# 70. Iga Gala Miemus, PL

she missed the bouquet
but caught the best man
a better catch

# 71. Corbelle Armando (Catbird55), US

for better
or for worse...
a shotgun wedding

# 72. Keith Simmonds, TT

wedding vows
this light in her eyes
... till death us do part

# 73. Rafal Zabratynski, PL

Wedding morning—
his smell
on my skin.

# 74. Monika Wojtenka, PL

lively wedding—
the bride without the shoe
and the thief smiling

# 75. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Sunny wedding day—
in my mother's hand
a wet handkerchief.

# 76. Monika Wojtenka, PL

he and she
are waiting for the silver wedding—
it is snowing

# 77. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Wedding anniversary—
the sparkling bride's eyes
in the mirror.

# 78. Monika Wojtenka, PL

among the mountains
the wedding procession—
it is raining with sun

# 79. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Wedding night—
red wine
on her white dress.

# 80. Monika Wojtenka, PL

golden wedding—
the bridegroom and the bride
snowed from the years

# 81. Maria Tirenescu, RO

Wedding anniversary—
a lot of flowers
on the gravestone.

# 82. Monika Wojtenka, PL

bride’s coronet
from the wild flowers—
the barely wedding

# 83. Maria Tirenescu, RO

wedding morning
chaffinches chirping
more joyful

# 84. Mariusz Ogryzko, PL

first day of Spring—
in her wedding bouquet
cherry blossoms

# 85. John Daleiden, US

wedding day
white lillies
in bloom

# 86. Mariusz Ogryzko, PL

a wedding to pay for—
love may be priceless
until the bills come

# 85. Armando Corbelle, US

wedding waltz
step by step
making mistakes

# 88. Mariusz Ogryzko, PL

she missed the bouquet
but caught the best man
a better catch

# 89. Armando Corbelle, US

one red rose
dried and pressed in her Bible--
sixty years of bliss

# 90. John Daleiden, US

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