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Behind the Curtain

Rengay #23, Late-Winter
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

The crack of ice
over the sound of a trickle—
frozen waterfall.

Behind the curtain, motionless—
the boy's turn to go on stage.

Ice fishing
all day long—my lunch,
the only bite.

Her friend holds
the half-spud... the needle's tip
sinks through.

A snowboarder plows under—
his partner offers his hand.

Tap-tap, tap-tap—
a woodpecker chips deeper
into the trunk.

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Gathered Around

Rengay #24, Late-Winter
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

Chilly day—
pigeons huddle around
a chimney top.

A warm, queen-size bed—
so easy to hit the snooze.

Russian circus—
the lion-tamer almost
loses his head.

I open a can
of soup for supper— the cat
comes running.

A candle-light dinner—
"we're meant for each other."

We gather around
to look through the telescope—
lunar eclipse.

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Under the Covers

Rengay #25, Late-Winter
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

A school of fish
under the lake ice—
deep winter.

Recess, one hour away—
thoughts of fun and snow.

We come inside
after the bell... the smell
of wet woolens.

Science class—
other guys try burning
more than sulfur.

Mid-term exam week—
my candle lit at both ends.

Under the covers
Saturday morning— thinking
about homework.

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Breaking the Ice

Rengay #26, Late-Winter
Jon Davey (UK), and Vaughn Seward (CA)

Hail storm—
sparrow and sparrowhawk
sheltered in a blackthorn.

A pine-log alpine hut—
four skis against a wall.

Mountain lake—
a pair of swimmers
break the ice.

Class reunion—
a childhood crush says
he remembers me.

Family party—I forget
my third cousin's name.

Frozen clearing—
the howls of a wolf pack
under a full moon.

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