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The Old Furnace

Rengay #19, Mid-Winter
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

Frigid gusts—
the wind-chimes sound,
then not...

Silence late at night—
the old furnace kicks in.

A favorite soap—
at crucial scenes, no sound
with pixellating.

Car trouble...
"Please repeat, my cell
keeps cutting out."

The baby whimpers again—
its mother comes running.

Red light—
a speeding new car
slides through.

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Dipping a Bit More

Rengay #20, Mid-Winter
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

on a branch... it dips
a bit more.

Family dinner— garlic salt
on my stick of celery.

Athletic club—
another gulp before
pressing thirty.

Siphoned gas—
on the way back the can
grows heavier.

Sudden blizzard... we taxi
back down the runway.

Bowheads enter
an arctic bay... plumes spray
from blowholes.

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Briefly Touching

Rengay #21, Mid-Winter
Toshiaki Koike (CA), and Vaughn Seward (CA)

Icy Road—
a plastic bag rolls,
right, left.

A tangled cassette tape—
an end flaps in the chill.

Revolving door—
cold and warm air
briefly touch.

Frost patterns
form on the window pane—
finger print.

A single glove— fingers
point toward the exit.

Clock tower—
big and little hands frozen
at nine-twelve.

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Smiling Repairman

Rengay #22, Mid-Winter
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

A mid-winter's eve—
the repairman smiles as he
opens the furnace.

The tooth can be saved... but
a root canal is needed.

Mom succumbs
to her kids' blandishments—
stray kitten.

Homeless vagrant—
a long sermon comes with
the bowl of soup.

The lecture's over at las —
but the prof calls a pop-quiz.

Fifty percent off—
the sales clerk informs us that
the coupon's expired.

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