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Free Verse



Awakening to duck’s chatter
The winter birds are stopping by
For a visit on their migration
Geese and ducks
The hummingbirds left in September
The birds know the safety and serenity of



Why can’t a girl be a beachcomber


Contemplating Robinson Crusoe
And the last drop of Rum
Where’s that damn parrot?
Why didn’t I teach him to fetch
Another bottle from the vendor
on the beach instead of
pulling the cork out of the bottle?
Should been a pirate
Instead of a parrot head
she said laughing
and where the hell
is my 12 volt man?



An Old Love Letter


Rainbows and falling stars
Whisper touches and great warm hugs
Tears and smiles
A Teddy Bear and a Butterfly
Sunrises and sunsets
Patience laughter love
And the knowledge that growth
Takes more than love and sunshine
All these treasures you brought
And shared and taught
Surround me with the faith and hope
That our yesterdays
Shall light the way
To our tomorrows.
The letter on paper
Coffee stained and Fragile
Yellowed with time
Was stronger than the hope and faith





I look into the
deep green eyes
and see amusement,
love, the shadows
of a few skirmishes
and a personal war
or two, wisdom
gleaned from lessons
hard learned.
Time has not diminished
the Sparkle nor the depth
it has, however,
tempered the character of
a free spirit and as tempering
does, made it stronger
and more flexible. Perhaps
even more appreciative
of the joys and less distraught
by the disappointments.
Some where, some how
she has learned that
a broken heart can be
put back together
stronger and more
glad to love than
ever. She is
the Goddess, the
miracle worker,
the moonlight dancer.
More free in
laughing at herself
than dragging
a cloud of gloom
could ever allow.
Be in Amusement
my green eyed girl
and dance your
Dance of Being
I Love You



Fire Dogs


After a long weekend
with the grandparents
helping out with all
the home and garden
maintenance and a
day at the San Diego zoo
finally on the road home.
Two days with a kvetching
step-mother and everyone,
Grandpa, my son and
myself "yes dearing".
I was exhausted and frustrated.
We were on the Riverside freeway
in my little Volkswagen bug
a billboard of Dalmations
popped into view.
Sunday evening traffic
back into the city
I am stuck between
two eighteen wheelers
I swear they love
boxing Vdubs in
we are doing 55 mph with
occasional crawls to 15 mph.
My son, five years old,
looks over at me and says,
"Mom, why do they
have dogs on fire trucks?"
I glanced back and
grumpily replied,
"so they can piss on the fire
and put it out"...silence
then a giggle, "oh mom, they
do not". The next mile or two
was lost in laughter.
I wonder if he still has a Dalmatian
wearing a fire hat.





Cobalt skies on
A winter night
A twinkling of stars
And the moon
Plays peek-a-boo
With cotton
Candy Clouds



Kona Moon


Laughter and
Soap bubbles
Dancing in
The breeze
With champagne
And Aloha
On the Seawall

Wind blowing
And gusting
Hitting this
Old house
A solid thump
An out of control
Boom box
The splattering
Of raindrops
Against glass
Windows steamed
and foggy with
the warmth of
Love and life
A flash of lightening
Lights out





He poured the boiling
Water through what is now
Thrice brewed coffee grounds
And wondered where to really
Start his day. The paper towel
Coffee filter gave up and disintegrated.
He chuckled “hot brown water
and over-brewed coffee not much flavor,
but chewy”. Kind of like his life at the moment.
Laid off a year ago, still believing in
“The California Dream”. Wife and kids
Had gone back to her family’s farm
in Nebraska. Damn he hated the cold winters
And humid summers but it was time to go.
He pulled the dollar bills he had
carefully stashed behind the faded picture
on the motel wall. He had been living there
on a weekly deal, hiring out with the
immigrants on the walk in front of the
building supply store for months. He had
sent money home dividing it carefully
between family, bus ticket and his own
needs daily. Sometimes finding enough
bottles and cans to recycle and buy a real hot meal.
Today was the deadline. He had said give me
one year, I know it will come back together.
His dream as faded as his coffee, He picked up
his duffel bag and headed for the bus station.
A hard-working American man
Waiting for the Greyhound and a new dream



Counting Thunder


A spit of rain
Just enough to leave
Muddy trails on the
Windshield for the day
Evening comes and
So do the thunderheads.
Now it will shake rattle
And roll. The window
panes rattle. The distant
hills are lit in the sudden
flash of lightning.
Awakened by thunder
And frightened, I carry
you into my room, there
is a great view of the
hills. We see another flash
and we count until the
thunder rolls. As we play
this game, giggling
and laughing,
you relax and
slumber in my lap.
I watch the storm
knowing how precious
this time is and how
Glad I am for you,
My Huckleberry Finn kid,
sleeping in my lap.



Valentine's Day


I made it through
The night with
my friend crying ,
nervous and caught
in his drama, because
He didn’t bring her
Flowers or candy.
It’s four A.M.
The business is failing
Another friend
Crying and sobbing
Because her alcoholic
adult child is bringing
strangers home in
the middle of the
night and waking
the neighbors and her.
They all have to
get up early to go
to work to support
his habit, he doesn’t
work, the business
is failing and her
daughter in drunken
despair takes a bottle
of pills because her
husband wants a divorce
and he didn’t bring
her flowers or candy.
The business is failing
The woman on the
Corner shot her
Lover because he
Brought her flowers
And candy. She is
On a diet. The
Business is failing
Where is the Love?
"Be in Amusement",
The Prophet on
The corner said.



Storm Coming


The ducks huddle
in marsh grass
Wind blowing
white caps on the bay
sunbeams dancing
in the spray



Ex Communication


He sat there at the table
wearing his sunglasses
and baseball cap
God she hated seeing
Anyone wearing a cap
In the house, disrespect
Or hiding a bald crown,
Who knew other than him.
He said, “we need to talk”,
His idea. He was drinking again
And the drugs weren’t far away.
She knew the Sunglass ruse
“If you can’t See my eyes
you won’t know what
I’m thinking or feeling.”
He was leaving again.
There is a job in New Mexico,
a big one, a promise of big money.
I’m leaving tomorrow I’ll call ya.
Another woman making his world right.
She knew the routine, leaving for
Work, calling home broke. Whom
Ever he left with had left him.
Send me bus fare, air fare, gas money.No, she said, Don’t call. I’ve
Nearly paid off the house, the kids are fine.
You need your freedom and so do I.
As he drove away he knew it wasn’t glare
From the sun in his eyes. He wondered why
She said don’t call, don’t come back.









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