Shanna Baldwin Moore, US




Free Verse


light at the end of the tunnel


shattered shards of mirrors
alone with my dreams
when the devil dealt his doom
and then danced
as he stole another soul

ten bad years
of darkness
in my son's eyes
a rascal red rage
of dues that were paid

building a home now
the puzzle of setting the timber
weaving the elements
into sky hangings for the wall

a new beginning
for the sunshine boy
with dark hair
dances for him

two young children
show him
what he missed
when florescent lights
synapsed his soul

doomed is the family
in the dark domain
the devil deals



I had this dream


I dreamed of the inauguration last night
I was there and sitting behind me
was Ronald Reagan
wow! the last of the Mohicans
was still around...
there was another high maka maka guy
sitting next to him
with a 'whatever" attitude
his glasses were all steamed up
but Ronnie kept talking to me
I felt so good
when I woke I was watching
Obama get sworn in
and I knew Ronnie was still there
and it was a good thing
the minister was praying
and said of all things
if you're black
no stay in the back
if your brown stick around
if your yellow stay mellow
and if you're red
you're way ahead
and I knew
we hadn't seen the last
of the Mohicans
our nation was on the right track
with our native son
the twelve tribes will unite
with open hands
and not clenched fists



grandmother moon


grandmother moon
glimmers of rainbows
through the mist

way back...
way back when
respect of the land
made us a nation
brought us good life

the way was good
caring for the land
the Hopi spirit
makes peace
with all living things

new beginnings
promise of a rainbow
even in the moonshine



keepin' the beat


so many
pots catching drips
in sync
wind picks it up
to a maddening dance
the leaves
from trees whistle
in the wind
pools of water
ripple, wrinkled
over the edge
of one pan
into another
suddenly quiet
the rain has stopped
but the drips keep dripping
an incredible song
rimes a crystal bowl
rhythm of the water
and the sun shines in
through a rainbow
scent of fresh roses



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