Robert Moyer, US






bar doors
open and close
a whiff of smoke



imagining his voice
I lol
email punch line



a din of swifts
lifts off the naked oak



a butterfly
ignores the chain



thunderstorm on summer pavement
gives up its ghosts



on the sidewalk home
careful not to break
her motherís back



on the steering wheel
of my Volkswagen van
an old manís hands



gone before the cameraís the dolphinís tail click



one-ring circus
a blind woman asks
what's that smell



beachfront diner
the ceiling fan stirs
in my spoon



About Robert Moyer


Robert Moyer, Winston Salem, NC, wrote haiku for many years before he published anything. His work has since appeared in frogpond, MODERN HAIKU, bottle rockets, Acorn, and simplyhaiku, among others. He has also been included in a number of anthologies, most recently LOOSE THREADS, the ten-year anniversary anthology of Acorn. He was privileged to host the 2007 Haiku North America Conference with Dave russo and Lenard D. Moore in his home town of Winston Salem, NC.

This is Robert Moyer's first appearance in Sketchbook.









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