Patricia J. Maynard, US




Free Verse


The Morning Bird

To Peace


Perched just outside my window
whether clear, azure or cloudy
at the dawning of each new day
in the wake of shrouded trees
as he soars through rainbow thickets
among the glistening glow of leaves

With the vitality that only love brings
unfalteringly, he sings.
Each note at perfect pitch
in colorful staccato, full allegro clear
songs of nearby sunrise
after a stormy night of mist

Symphonies of tiny bright sparkles
for each diamond pearl of dew
in braided ribbon of hope
in the ring of fruitful promise
of radiant joy renewed

he sings

he sings a morning prayer.



Word Notes


funny how one letter can change a sentiment
running the gamut of the musical scale
words Like musical notes make tones
one letter and it's a new song
taking you to a uniquely different place

a letter can make a joyous parade
of present love, past or future
or maybe reveal a forbidden lair
some speak of despair or maybe satire
others clear the air

a sprinkling of the very same Nouns
and a showering of familiar verbs
conjoined and mixed
often succinct
can strike more than a million notes.



About Patricia J. Maynard


Patricia J. Maynard is a free spirit in search of ultimate truth. I am inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature. She is a painter working in acrylics on canvas and woods. Her paintings and poetry are composites of her impressions and experiences of the world around her. Please visit Patricia's  website.

This is Patricia J. Maynard's first appearance in Sketchbook.










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