Eric Pederson, US




Dramatic Monologue


Beyond the Obvious


Iíve been here. Iíve been there. Iíve seen it all.
The way they walk and the way they talk.
Throughout time I have studied them and
Watched their lives fade like a passing shadow.
Yet I fail to comprehend their ways.
Some are overwhelmed and some are shifty while
some are lazy as the tropical sun.

Why do they let their hungry starve?
Why do they let their homeless freeze?
Why do they let their wealthy rule
without regard to the lesser man?
Why are some forced to sleep in filth
and suffer the wrath of disease
while others bathe in gold?

Some are dreamers but few are doers.
Up here, floating by, youíd think it would
all make sense after awhile.
They build engines to wage grand wars,
like a never ending-ending game of chess
in the name of something unknown to them;
fighting simply because theyíve been told too.
These crusades pitting fiend against friend.
Internal ambitions leveraging hate.
Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.

They divide themselves among their kinds
and choose to call themselves minorities.
Everything has to be related to race.
They breathe the same air each day.

They all bleed red.
Up here, we are one and live together.
The cumulus, nimbus, stratus, and cirrus.
All float as one. All are one. One is me.
I am in control of all below:
what they do, when they do it.
They try to predict what they think I will do.
Often Iíll give them the satisfaction
Of thinking they guessed right.
But that is what it will always remain.

Floating by, way up here, I still donít know
Why they do just exactly what they do.
Iíve yet to discover what it is they seek,
but their ambitions seem to be enough for them.
Iíll just float by, way up here, and watch some more.
Iíll take some notes and maybe soon, I will learn.



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About Eric Pederson


Eric Pederson is a senior at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse; he is majoring in English and High School Education. In addition to writing poetry, Eric is writing a novel which he hopes to have completed by the end of summer, 2009. He enjoys all types of outdoor activity, including biking, Frisbee, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and hiking. Eric is pictured with Kristi Sauer, his fiancťe; the couple will be married in the summer of 2009.  Kristi is an English major at UWL.

This is Eric's first appearance in Sketchbook.

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