Dr. Ram Sharma, IN




Free Verse




We are not such as we look:
we walk on earth,
and talk of flying in the sky,
while a boy walking on the rope
thinks about his belly,
balance is essential for him,
while others focus on the bank balance

we talk of progress
but we are in the doldrums.





Life is running
with full speed;
I have no time
to pause and to take rest

All bitter things,
change sides,
in the orchard of my mind;
I can`t guess,
the texture of my life,
how it will be.





He was lying,
on the roadside,
a seed.
In the biting cold,
I took him,
to my house;
I planted him.
He germinated

sapling, plant,
then a tree.
Now he is sheltering everyone.





Their dreams,
can be like mine,
but these dreams
are stopped

there are cries and shrieks,
of bomb blasts.

Gunpowder is everywhere

how can they live



Untold Melodies


O! Autumn,
can you hear,
untold melodies,
lost in the silent corner of the mind?
untold stories,
stored in grandpa`s mind?
All organs become senseless,
the body becomes a corpse,
the voice is mute,
Can you still hear?
O! autumn.









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