Barbara A. Taylor, AU







lights through darks
a sailing full moon
on my birthday…
three score years and two
in this, the year of the ox



drifting, merging
gray clouds spiral at noon

gunsmoke signals
primordial amoebae
seahorses sailing by



new morning
overnight demons gone
I awake
to start a day
of laughter



I rub smooth breasts…
spring fever
cedar oil on ebony
bringing the goddess alive





Between The Steps


 Barbara A Taylor, AU and Martin G Cohen, US


temple bells toll
rolling in another year
of hopes and dreams

trembling pine trees
the taste of snow

shimenawa knotted white
at the entrance

in the sacred shrine
offerings for a beloved
with Hershey kisses

fortune cookies
wrapping up the future

a broken walkway
the old man and a toddler
sway between the steps



Solo Rengay


A Fresh Start


Barbara A Taylor, AU


good intentions
rolling in with
the year of the ox

kissed by a stranger
I’ll never see again

new year's morning
feeling my age
and counting

a fresh start
off the list

crossed out
my first resolution


waves of sailing stars
across the lake









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