Vaughn Seward, CA and Zhanna P. Rader, US




A "Free" Renku


A Hare in a Hollow


A hare nestles
in a hollow, ears erect—
shoots of grass.


Photographed: a proud hunter
with his two pheasants.


We have to bail
behind enemy lines—
a chase begins.


First heavy raindrops
animate the fuschia bush.


Behind a chair
the young boy works
his hand puppet.


Before closing her eyes,
the doll says "good night."


A firefly
blinks on the window pane,
to the crickets' chirrs.


In the mirror I watch
this beard come off.


Thanksgiving dinner—
a bearded bird, roasted
to perfection.


Three hours on the beach...
awakening to a bikini stencil.


Waiting for him—
so many leaves have fallen
from this birch.


His last day of college—
the bank account, lighter.


A school of fish,
looking like a donut,
caught on camera.


Box of animal cookies—
the boy pulls out a whale.


Wintry winds
wail through the whipping willow—
the warblers' nest swings.


Dad has that angry look,
I'll soon be sent for a stick.


Halloween dream:
a ferocious crocodile
drags me to a swamp.


The boss' secretary
calls me into his meeting.


A pigeon joins in
near their cafè patio
lunch date.


Fourth of July fireworks
reflected in my child's eyes.


From our
sleeping bags, we look up
at falling stars.


Floating deep in the well,
their yellow soccer ball.


A tear forms
on her cheek as his ship
pulls anchor.


A child watches a snowflake
turn into a drop of water.


The last bandage
removed, the mirror reveals
a new face.


Wrapped in clouds, the mountain
slips into the night's darkness.


Behind its ink
a squid darts back,
out of sight.


The comet's tail gets brighter—
people crane their necks.


Inaugural speech—
a boy perches atop his
father's shoulders.


The parrot lands on a lamp:
"Polly's very pretty!"


The cat looks
so sweet and innocent—
feathers all around.


A final swipe releases
the piñata's contents.


The last axe blow
fells the sequoia tree—
so much sky!


The mayor cuts the ribbon
for the new shopping mall.


Sewing her dress,
the young peasant smiles—
lilacs in bloom.


Garden planting time—
some weeds already there.


March 2008 — January 2009

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