Jan Oskar Hansen, PL






Look Back in Sadness


Bundle of photos
Face down in a cigar box
Family and friends
From a time that is a dream
Fading into eternity

Mostly black & white
How young my parents looked
Now Iím the oldest
Siblings faded fast away
As I sailed many seas

Non returnable
Pastís gate is firmly padlocked
Wait in no mans land
Know there is no remedy
The past really is a dream.





I found in the dell
Left over spots of summer light
And since it was fall
I picked a few to take home
The rest for hares in their den



The train into town
Is a reading group
Eyes are glued to books
When a drunk enters and sings
Eyes burn holes in books





Wedding Party


Sailing down night Seine
Champagne brut and goose liver
The Eiffel Tower
Dressed in bright coloured charms
Looked like a demi monde

When the barge banked
I gave Seine the birdís liver
Peed in the river
Studied the sliver of moon
Dreaming of ice cold lager

Parisís night streets
September mild and at ease
Bars and bistros shut
The worthless slept in doorways
And I thought of Edit Piaf



Three Tanka on a String


Translate Moor poems
From Portuguese to English
And hear the murmur,
An echo of poetsí songs
Going back a thousand years.

Once an Arabic province
Poets once lived there
Sat dreaming in lush gardens
Writing verses of lost love

Christians marched
Sun shone on bloodied swords
Moslemís peaceful rule vanished
But poetsí verses live on







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