Rengay Through the Seasons by Masago & Friends





Popsicle Stick

Rengay #1, Early Autumn
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

A green sprig
pokes above the edge —
eaves trough.

Leaves in the back yard,
a frisbee almost buried.

Rear car window —
"Wash Me" handwritten
in stuck-on dust.

Dirty dishes
spread on the kitchen table...
vase of daisies.

A boy in his room &mdash
his stuff on the floor.

Red ants swarm
over a popsicle stick —
driveway curb.

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Faint Thump

Rengay #2, Early Autumn
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

The faint thump
of a distant basketball —
autumn evening.

Canola field horizon —
a glint of setting sun.

That area
in Grandma's back yard —
hint of mint.

A new bill
in change... the slight feel
of "Twenty Dollars".

In line to buy corn —
I can almost taste it.

He knew before
the ball was even snapped —
long bomb.

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Pile of Spruce

Rengay #3, Early Autumn
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

Little beggar...
squirreling away pine cones
in our roof.

A layer of dark moss,
on each cedar shake.

Yellowing larch —
the wind shakes more needles
onto the ground.

A seedling fir,
nearly covered in leaves —
forest clearing.

Alpine meadow flowers...
the added scent of juniper.

A field mouse
darts into the pile of spruce —
mountain hut.

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The Storm, Now Over

Rengay #4, Early Autumn
by Karina Klesko (US) and
Vaughn Seward (CA)

Autumn afternoon —
rose petals cling
to the cemetery gate.

Embracing at the door...
an ebony hair on his shirt.

Harvest moon —
red acrylic fingernails
open old love letters.

A ladybug
holds tight to a twig —
cool wind.

Late night fishing —
black-skirted spinnerbait.

Harbour lights —
the squeak of a rusty hinge
hangs in the air.

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The Remnants

Rengay #5, Mid-Autumn
by Vaughn Seward (CA)

Autumn morning —
an old barn bites down
into the ground.

Abandoned farm truck...
its door also in the box.

River valley —
a rusted bicycle frame
lodged in an elm.

A small piece
of embedded barbed wire —
tree trunk.

A yellowing telegram:
"Coming Home Now".

Their initials
with nineteen-twenty-one —
large, flat rock.

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