Don Wiggins, US and Judith Gorgone, US








on the stream's surface / a ripple / that was a mayfly
circling stones / bubbles appear and disappear
even the moon and clouds / take time to play / hide and seek
the sound of the jazz quartet / mingling with smoke
the hum of tires / somewhere bound / on the interstate
climbing montmatre / not just the chill on my breath
beyond the meadow / a bugle echoes / the finale salute
the evening news / a missing child is found
click / the screen darkens / time for a good read
developing a photo / of the first time he saw her
eyes record / the blank stare / of the wanted poster
across a crowded dance floor / the lure of her stilettos
a mocking bird / within a thorn bush / finds home
amongst the dinner chatter / the squeal of a squirrel
as they walk / the crunch of leaves / fills the air
falling / they make a wish
knit one pearl two / the dripping faucet / synchronized
making plans / his days are numbered
Oh poinsettia / with scarlet petals / so brief your season
between two frozen limbs / the setting sun reflecting









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