Pamela A. Babusci, US






always independent
always in control...
are there no more
wild violets
for me to hand-pick?



in springtime
& nowhere to go

petals fall into the
bottomless well


morning erupts...
she leans in for his
first succulent kiss
the one that transports her
to another world



she clings to his
every word...
of their hearts



how many times
can a heart break
without dying?
unable to bear
the news of his death







About Pamela A. Babusci, US


Pamela A. Babusci is an internationally award winning haiku/tanka & haiga artist. Some of her awards include: Museum of Haiku Literature Award, International Tanka Splendor Awards, First Place Yellow Moon Competition (tanka category), First Place Kokako Tanka Competition, Basho Festival Haiku Contest (Japan) and Honorable Mention Suruga Baika Literary Festival (Japan).

Pamela has illustrated several books, including: Full Moon Tide: The Best of Tanka Splendor Awards and Taboo Haiku. She was the logo artist for Haiku North America in NYC in 2003 and HNA in Winston-Salem, NC in 2007.

In her spare time she presses flowers, ferns & leaves to make cards & framings, abstract watercolor/oil painting, sumi-e painting, Chinese calligraphy, makes collages & jewelry. She has a deep desire to be creative on a daily basis, which feeds her spirit & soul & gives meaning to her life. Poetry & art have been an integral part of her existence since her early teen age years & will continue to be a driving force until she meets her creator.

Pamela is interested & welcomes any reader feedback of her poetry/art works at:
moongate44 at gmail dot com.








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