Georges Friedenkraft, FR





English Adaptation by Brian Fergusson


Striving to construe
the hidden language of flowers
I have lost my way



I may yield beneath
the wiles of the cunning wind
but never the yoke



Scanty-clad the grass
stealthy lily of the vale:
fleetingly naked



Lilac citadel
of bucolic innocence
guileless enshrouded



Tortured embers glow
let us ravish blackberries
from the reddish slugs



Faces from Asia
their luscious apple-like cheeks
silken as a lake



Sated and drunk on
the bitter grapes of autumn
lost in reverie



Wherefore the willow
I should weep: the cat does mew
ripples on water



Flighty, fickle you
in such restless spirits I:
lost and thwarted we!



The fledgling marvels
when the bluebells of springtime
make fragrant the rain



If moved by the rain
the snail at its own pace climbs
the box hedge stalk



The screeching barn owls
far off in the winterís night:
snowbound love affairs







About Georges Friedenkraft, FR


Born in 1945 in Libourne (France), Georges Friedenkraft is presently Research Director at the CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research) and gives lectures in several universities. Married to Malaysian artist and journalist Wan Hua Goh-Chapouthier, he is father of four children. He has contributed to poetry anthologies and reviews from many parts of the world. His main works include : La saison avec Miralna (1972), Un deux trois, nous níirons au bois (1977), Poemes fantaisistes (1996), Images díAsie et de femmes (2001), Esquisse díune femme de seve (Haikus, 2005).  This is Georges' first appearance in Sketchbook.







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