Shanna Baldwin Moore, US


cell phones
bees' homing device
forever lost
missed communication
can you hear me now



real estate
of the land
made barren
with cement



some say
women are smarter than men,
but you never see
a man wearing a shirt
that buttons down the back



getting so full
of yourself
and the cream
is lost



the birds
in the rain forest
change their tune
a strange
chain saw song



woman will never be equal to man
until they can
walk down the street
with a bald head and a beer gut,
and still think they are sexy



bursting forth
his spiritual leadership
in song
from a six pak
of beer



my grandaughter
ponders with wonder...
the date on the bottle
the wine
has expired



with a skosh
of scotch irish
and an indian in the woodpile
she makes her own



His thoughts
tumbled in his head,
making and breaking alliances
like underpants in
a dryer without Cling Free.



in the forests
of the mountain
shell shocked
into silence



lady's night
at the local bar
the other clothes...
coming out
of the closet



for sale. used
Seelye Posturepedic
a few stains ...
not to worry, sterilized
the old man drank whisky



Clinton got caught
in the dentist office
with his pants down
blowin the sax
with just his mouthpiece



filling out
medical forms
name, age, sex ?
no not in
a long while



heat waves
of the high desert
fill the air you breath
ah...a shady place
there in your mind



O.J. said
they were theives
stole his trophy
with guns



the bad lands



early morning drive...
a gate swinging open
at the graveyard
the die hards out
cruizing their old haunts









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