Elizabeth Howard, US






summer dusk
a rabble of crows
in the parched tree



dawn pond dwarf suns in the ice beads





the full moon
mirrored in the pond
the earth awakens
a green heron fishing
a shiny fish leaping



she cooks macaroni
the way he likes
he refuses it
dips his spoon
in her cup of soup



Free Verse


Cecil's Dream


In my sleeping chair, I am cold.
I dream scary stuff, rats
with long yellow teeth, monsters
coming in the cracked window,
a red-eyed giant with a belt.
When teacher tells us to draw
our room, I draw my chair.
Where's your bed? she asks.
I never had a bed so I dream one
with a soft pillow, blue sheets,
a quilt like the one on the wall
at school. In a warm bed, I bet
I wouldn't have scary dreams.









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