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Bazaar Haiku Thread  September 2008


 Hello to All,

I guess better late than never applies here!

All of the bazaar poems were very nice, it made me want to go back up North and
see the colorful leaves, smell the spicy foods and hear laughter.

It was always one of my favorite times of year.
I have chosen a few poems that took over some of the senses.


sound of tiny bells
and the scent of sandalwood
Grand Bazaar

Karina Klesko, US



Buzz of a fly
among the things of worship—
church bazaar

# 32. Vasile Moldovan, RO



Tower in Babylon and
Noah's Ark in the same space—
Levantine bazaar

# 34. Vasile Moldovan, RO



fighting over
the last cross
church bazaar

# 10. Kristin Reynolds, US



* Grand Bazaar—
lost for hours shopping for you,
gold and jewels


# 19. John Daleiden, US



at every stall
a swarm of buyers:
Saturday bazaar

# 11. Keith A. Simmonds, TT



trying to bake
my grandma's cookies
church bazaar

# 29. Jacek Margolak, PL









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