Artur Lewandowski, PL






forsythias in bloom
the priest puts on
a summer cassock



a pregnancy test shows
vertical lines



falling down a chasm
the clang of the alarm clock
saves my life



back home
mother's perfume



what a silence!
between lighting and thunder
just a heartbeat



polish town
over the bronze Pope
pigeon circle



inland cruise
the girl at the ship's prow
with outstretched arm







About Artur Lewandowski


I was born in 1960. I live in Sieradz (centre of Poland). I learned how to write a haiku among my friends who publish with me at the polish site   I am interested in old motorbikes and old clocks. I'm keen of Pink Floyd's, Genesis' and Yes' music. My poems have been published on the internet at Asahi Haikuist Network, Tinywords, and Lynx.  This is Arthur's first appearance in Sketchbook.







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