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Another Issue! Yes!

We have some neat things coming up.

We want to include audio poetry readings, so if anyone has an info on what programs are best and how to go about all of this, it will be greatly appreciated.

This issue is jam packed as usual. This month the global correspondents are Helen Bar-lev , Gillena Cox. and Jeff Spahr-Summers , I love these sections. The correspondents rotate in some instances, as we do have fifteen.

We have a Tribute to the Anniversary of Cid Corman's death.
The original one plus some new poetry and remembrances. . .

From the OutlawPoetsII/SketchbookII we have a very nice section honouring A. D. Winans, A Retrospective View; he is a terrific poet and a good friend to the Sketchbook.

We have more new books at the Book Fair. That is going to be our focus in May . We are going to look at how we can promote our poets more effectively.  Suggestions are welcome.

Also the Sketchbook Cafe should be ready by the end of April. I think you will like that; it will also be fun.

The Spring Thread we have been writing at the OutlawPoets
will continue on through April. I think we have almost a hundred poems now.  I do not want to rush through them all and that is what would happen if I were to try to read them all now. :)

I am pleased with both Sketchbook and SketchbookII and all the wonderful poets. It just gets better and better.

We will work to develop 'the little black book " and also the Sketchbook Children's Section in the next few issues.

Anyone wanting to be a Global Correspondent let me know.
Anyone also wanting to participate in the Children's Sketchbook
also let me know. Creative articles, I would like a good book reviewer to join the Sketchbook Team. :)

I am interested in pursuing information for the Blind Associations. On a Globel Level.

Here is the link for the AFB: American Foundation for the Blind

I would like to encourage our Global Correspondents as well as writers in all countries to help me in the pursuit of Audio Poetry and what we can do to help.

As some know, I have severe glaucoma and I am slowly losing my vision; it is controlled at the present but goes in bouts of erratic behavior.

Who knows I may need all your poems in audio someday ! :)

Thank you; I think you all are fantastic !!!!

Hugs, Karina



April Renhai Workshop

Starting April 13, 2008 TheOutlawPoets will be sponsoring a 10-day Renhai Workshop. Several Renhai poems will be written step-by-step over the course of the workshop. Vaughn Seward and Zhanna P. Rader will host the workshop. Sketchbook writers and readers are invited to join in to watch, comment, and even participate (depending on your interest and time). It is anticipated that some of the renhai written during this workshop will be submitted for inclusion in the April, 2008 issue of Sketchbook.

For more information and background about Renhai, check out the March 2008 Sketchbook Renhai section:

To be part of the workshop, click on the following link and join the "Renhai Studio" Yahoo Group and watch for announcements as we get closer to the April 13th start date.









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