Tanka Sequence

M. Kei, US, US

Remembering the Alamo

“You may go to hell,
and I will go to Texas.”

Davy Crockett


thirty-five years
since the dust of Texas
stained my boots,
I wonder if I can
find the family graves*

what lesson
was I supposed to learn?
staring at white heroes
surrounded by the walls
of the Alamo**

This is the room
where Davy Crockett died.
my mother
eating jalapeños

feeling hungover
after only one drink,
the bitter taste
of a party where***
I am a stranger

drying on my back,
sun slipping
into the shadowed place
you will not follow


*Previously published in Ash Moon: Tanka on Aging. Baltimore, MD: Modern English Tanka Press, 2008.

**Previously published in Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry, 5:3. Autumn, 2007.

***Previously published in Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry, 5:3. Autumn, 2007.



John Daleiden, US


a new voice
singing in our garden

Spring has arrived:
new seeds sown in fertile soil
create exotic blooms!




Elizabeth Howard, US


where slivers of ice
floated last week
this warm sunny day
tiny fish dash about
like quicksilver



spring rain
a kestrel flying
water everywhere
no palm branch
no rainbow




Magdalena Dale, RO


Unutterable yearning
in pursuit of happiness
always on the way…
a wave which come back
dashing against the rock.



Day after day
a yearning in my soul
a calling…
this lime in blossom
only in my day dream



deep in my heart
my dreams are more acute
a remembrance?
I still feel the thrill
of the gentle touch



Birds of passage
stopped from their flying…
pure thoughts
in the fragrant chalice
of our hearts



Still of the night
between crickets and stars
this yearning…
always looking for love
but nevermore with you




Andreas Gripp


Our daughter races,
attempting to catch the birds.
If she had the wings
of a pigeon, she'd leave us,
dropping occasional notes.



Fire is our future,
we learned in astrophysics.
Dharma says detach:
the sun to swell and swallow,
with even the ashes gone.

*from Beads on Blossoms. Andreas Gripp. Canada: Harmonia Press. March 2008.








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