Eiko Yachimoto, JP; Susan, Susan Delphine Delaney, US; Sprite, UK; Johnye Strickland, US; Celia Stewart-Powles, US—led by Eiko Yachimoto





the clear rock drippings

led by eiko yachimoto


(first folio)—summer folio

clear rock drippings--
Hisajo's in her tea room
when I close my eyes *                (eiko) summer

tomorrow's moonflowers
tightly furled                                (susan) summer

lake island
a few herring gulls face
the rising wind                             (sprite) no season

(second folio)—autumn folio

out of the first storm
storytelling by lantern light            (johnye) autumn

"only a paper moon"
Ella's crystal voice
through the static                         (celia) autumn

the stone IUD
in the camel's womb                     (susan) no season

(third folio)—winter folio

drifting snow
the young lovers
wax their skis                              (johnye) winter

burned out candles
by the box with the deed               (sprite) no season

"I pray
to shape my motivation"
Dalai Lama, 4am                          (eiko) no season

(fourth folio)—spring folio

clapping their hands
the children revive Tink                 (celia) no season

cloudy sky
Capitol mowers
shred magnolia petals                  (susan) spring

in a soft pink dawn
familiar buzz of bees                    (sprite) spring


I wrote this haiku when I visited Hisajo's graveyard in the corner of her husband's ancestral estate in the remote mountains of Aichi prefecture. Hisajo was one of the most brilliant woman haijin in all haiku history but had to die without her genius duly recognized in the first winter after Japan's defeat in WWII.








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