Scot Young, US




Waiting for the End of Yesterday

sometimes we travel
deep into this naked night
and see yesterday

eager to reconstruct
bits of a fragmented dream
with lost dialogue

wait for fading light
to kiss the soft of angel
wings warmed by the day

not an easy job
turning the orange sky dark
not an easy job

rearranging the planets
hanging a blue moon




the bamboo flute like a
tai chi breeze drifts through spring grass
softly we make love



Zen Dawn

the blue butterfly
softly on pure pink petals
brushed by morning light




the perfect sunrise
is hard to hold like tail lights
over the last hill.



Trout Fishing With Brautigan

it is the pull of a
good trout stretching the line taut
right before it snaps



Morning Lake

trout breaks stillness
starts the ripple pattern to
end on polished rocks.








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