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Sometime ago I read an article from Pravda..I don't know if this is true...but it activated my imagination. It claimed that Russian scientists and professors achieved the ability to record and play back voices of dead spirits...I know that fakirs of the past claimed the same...but after two planes crashed in Russia and before the government could claim that it was an act of terrorism these scientists heard and published that it was indeed terrorists that did 1949 Marcelo Becky started to record them and it turned out that these voices can be answered... Inspired by the experience of these scientists, Artem Mikeev started his own experiments in 2002...Ghosts' answers came to Artem even when the microphones were off. He is convinced that life after death exists. During one of the spiritual operations Artem asked if people and animals have the same size after death, the voice said, "You resemble waves".

That was enough for me...if it is true that we all are 70% liquid, and it is also the same percentage that all organic things have, including the earth itself then it is also possible that this liquid is the source of electricity...could this electricity be the source of all animational auras...artists of the past have painted these auras as well as stories dealing with supernatural events...the raising of Lazuras to the healing of the sick have been major themes in art history from all cultures...

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