Yvonne Myers, US; Jon Davey, US; John Thompson, ??; Garry Gay, US; John Daleiden, US; Dr. Vidur Jyoti, IN




Six Person Rengay

Nothing I can say

Cancer moon
your warm embrace
does not linger

ten years on
the scent
of her favourite perfume

frosted windows

every visit more names
she can't remember

frayed rope

nothing I can say
will hold you

to the notes of an old flute,
her smile echoes bygone days

misty eyes
on the fog covered road
just a flicker


Authors for this six-person rengay: 1 Yvonne Myers, 2 Jon Davey, 3
John Thompson, 4 Garry Gay, 5 John Daleiden, 6. Vidur Jyoti








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