Ray Freed, US





Free Verse


Near San Berdoo an El Dorado
screeched down leaving rubber
the driver crewcut drunk or high
he'd lifted it in LA

we made him drop us
before the Nevada line
if we'd crossed with him
we'd still be doing time

near Albuquerque
coming out of sleep in a field
the waist high mist blanketing the grasses
we couldn't see our boots

into St Paul the stockyards at dawn
with ten thousand bellowing hogs
waiting on a bloody death
Minneapolis, Dinkytown
the kindness of sorority girls

in Carolina
a cruising ambulance
rode us ninety miles
stretched out in the back

franks two for a quarter on 42nd St
walking up from Bleecker
in the cold rain and snow
talking up the hookers
we couldn't afford

22 years gone quicker
than a flash of lightning
over night hills

they said your face
was mostly scabs
when you met your overdose
on the sidewalk
outside the Chelsea

who knows where the road will lead

tall horses restless in their stalls.








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