Keith A. Simmonds, TT




Free Verse

Carnival Festival

( Inspired by Trinidad & Tobago carnival - Mardi Gras - February 5, 2008 )



Costumes dazzle in the sun,
Hearts beat and throb,
Feet trample the roads,
Voices and bodies gyrate!
Steelbands blare bewitching
Rhythms of calypso and soca
As revelers flow in a sea
Of glorious images and blazing
Colours, to pay one final tribute to
The Merry Monarch of carnival!



Mystery of Clementina



Her frail, springtime caresses of
Perfumed, redolent colors stray
Delicately in the sweet, mild sunset
While delicious Nature waltzes to
The harmonious strains of the blue,
Swelling sea of love! As the ethereal,
Opaque sounds of beauty fill the
Sculptor’s mind with the magical
Gift of creation, stupendous shafts
Of emotions shape the soft, silky
Contours of his spirit spiraling into
The essence of great symmetry and
Perfection! But, then, in one final,
Transparent, traumatic thrust,
Trembling and tottering, the creator
Falls to his knees, entranced, in awe
Before the emergence of the consummate
Creature born of his very soul, the
Majesty of his own departed Clementina!








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