Karina Klesko, US




Wind Haiku


march wind
a weeks severance pay
and a paper shamrock



snoring all night
a gust of wind unlatches
the cabin door



windy day
the empty canoe glides
across the lake



Free Verse


Trying to figure out
the best way to get
stronger hair
illuminating eyes
shape my life
burn more fat
skin that radiates
sexy triceps
stress less

show more skin
with only seconds
to make a first
the same way
attraction shifts
on a silent road
in spite of a nice
tight chassis
second hand smoke
clouding the windows
to my soul

all night pedicures
by Korean angels,
a troubled zone

finding my footing
burning more calories
stopping off at a
Lite-Bite Restaurant
eating less/paying more
keeping the weight
off my mind
wearing the wrong shoes
to meet the right guy
single serve lasagna






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