Elizabeth Howard


fireflies rise
across the dark expanse
a blanket of stars



desk drawer
a pink jellybean
melted in the corner



woodpecker rapping
a mailbox of offers
I can't refuse



Karina Klesko

Wind Haiku


march wind
a weeks severance pay
and a paper shamrock



snoring all night
a gust of wind unlatches
the cabin door



windy day
the empty canoe glides
across the lake




Andreas Gripp

Full moon
free of clouds
Crescendo of crickets



Slumbering forest
cloaked in snowfall
The sound of snapping twigs



Dawn's dew
beads on blossoms
Hummingbird hovers


*from Beads on Blossoms. Andreas Gripp. Canada: Harmonia Press. March 2008.



Haiku Sequence

Vasile Moldovan, RO

Uncertain Season

Uncertain season
through the ice pellicles
the frogs' rut

Shipwreck on the shore

thousands of tadpoles playing
hide and seek

Leafing overnight
the poplar trees on the bank...
so many tree frogs

A little pigeon
escaped from the winter lap

the spring itself

on the telegraph wires
lined up the swallows

What could this ant read
out of your life line?

The church bell tower

a blue butterfly asks us:
how late is it?

Between sky and earth
a pathway for ants:
the wooden cross

Lone in the spring rain...
on the umbrella's handle
a lady bird








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