G. David Schwartz, US




Free Verse

I Look Up And Down The Road

I look up and down the road
And hope it does not explode
But in truth you canít ever tell
In this world we could be blown to hell
Now this does make me think
Something is terrible wrong
When you think about this damn bomb
It ought not blow us up
If we're headed for hell because
Every one knows that hell is down below
So and so when they say
Go to hell you might ask
Ok I will if you can tell
Me which way to go



Why Are You So Hurting Me?

Why are you so hurting me?
Making me fall into disrepair
Crawling though space
Without any air
Why is it that you hate me now?
Treating me as if I am a cow
A giant snow bovine maul
Give back my heart from the owl
Was joy do you have or get
By treating me to be so upset
Closing my eyes away from regret
Way is this so to submit
Into a world of pain
Something I don't want or need again
Like just standing out in the rain
Hoping to be or soon go insane
And this is what I want to know
Why are you so hurting so?



Emily Dickenson, Who IS She

I have heard of Ogden Nash
And I have read a lot of him
And I have seen in person
Bob Dylan
And I have got about
One hundred forty eight more ands
And I just don't want to suit here doing that
And that is the truth








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