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Editor's Choice from the March Star Haiku Thread

The star haiku are all so very good! I have enjoyed reading them all immensely.

I am going to take this moment to discuss what I look for in a haiku.

1. we have chosen a theme
2. concrete images
3. aha/metaphor /second meaning
    (however you want to explain the aha)
4. originality
5. did it inspire me?

There are certain poets who have developed their own styles of writing suing metaphor: Ed Baker, and Bill Kenny—I have noticed this over time. That is good, not to feel that one is being singled out.

I see another style emerging in the use of very strong images: Josh Wikoff.

From Romania, Vasile and Magdelene also have a unique styleperhaps through translations.

Keith Simmonds also has a strong appeal to the spirit.

Catherine J. S. Lee appears also to be consistent in her haiku . Very nice.

I have always liked Peter Pache's minimalist approach to haiku.

Pam Pignataro, this is the first I have seen your work; very nice!

Tad Wojnicki's is right to the point with concrete images. /all together creating a whole. no pun intended .....with the hole in the bamboo hut...:)))

Zhanna P. Radar , a romantic as is John Daleiden.
This is wonderful but things of the heart need to be set forth in concrete images. Sometimes that is hard to do.

Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN, a very deep thinker that shows in his haiku.

John Stone, I am suddenly seeing more and more of his worknice imagery.

Lorin Ford, AUthe first I have seen your haikuI like it.

semi - good to see your haiku; I have liked yours for years, ever since our tournament!

Ella Wagemakers, NL, good to see youanother good, concrete haijin.

Ok if I missed your name somehow I did not mean to. I have mentioned those that are in the poems below.

There are so many on the whole star thread, but I will watch each of your haiku for you style, and presentation.

Best to ya'll, Karina...

The reason I am mentioning this is that is good to develop style. It is good to recognize it.

All haiku cannot be judged by the same exact measures, so there is leeway in the choosing.

Here are the ones I felt may have stood out more, but perhaps on another day, others would also take on a new feeling.

ed's style: the edku ..or the baku ?:

love it ..a similar one in the Cid Corman Tribute ....
If I remember Linda P's fractal artwork is a cat
gazing into the stars....etc..

searching the stars
for intelligent life
so little of it here

# 60. Ed Baker, US


street children
on their rubbish heap—
counting the stars

# 38. Keith A. Simmonds


Lily pond—
constellations floating
far in the water

# 27. Magdalena Dale, RO


sky full of stars
evening primroses
in my headlights

# 10. Catherine J. S. Lee, US


jet lights
trace patterns in the sky;
no stars tonight

# 05. Pam Pignataro, US


indigo lawns
a solitary star
follows the moon

# 06. Catherine J. S. Lee, US


lunar eclipse—
the stars

# 29. Peter Pache, US


reflected stars
in a glaze of ice
birch saplings bend

# 15. Catherine J. S. Lee, US


in the koi pond
# 41. John Daleiden


I like this one ...

first light first star
a ceiling hole
of banana hut

# 49. Tad Wojnicki, TW

but like this:

a ceiling hole
in the banana hut
first light first star


left alone a cricket
resounds the stars

# 55. Vasile Moldovan, RO


A sea wave
slides off the sandy shore...
taking the stars along.

# 61. Zhanna P. Rader, US


ah! a falling star
The Milky Way Galaxy
loses just one

# 65. Betty Kaplan, US


summer stars
a lone koto
behind the bamboo

# 67. John Stone, US


opening his window
to welcome the stars--
a lonely widower

# 69. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

(P.S... the way you had it read like
a sentence...and the female is the widow
with the w's you have almost the sound of the wind)


this is a funny senyru ../interesting metaphor!

shooting star
the things I do
for attention

# 110. Bill Kenney, US


my pocket
weighed down by small change
starry night

# 112. Bill Kenney, US


sky full of stars
hugging each other
against the cold

# 116. Bill Kenney, US


some yellow star
in my mind

# 72. Ed Baker, US


faint starlight
hum of the wind
in the rigging

# 128. Josh Wikoff, UK


cold starlight
some flakes of wax
from the menorah

# 133. Josh Wikoff, UK


the scent of jasmine
after the storm

# 107. semi


ebb tide—
orion sweeping over
frost-struck sands

# 71. Jon Davey, UK


ocean view
two lovers
and the milky way

# 75. John Stone, US


in the deep of the sky—
a throbbing star dies.

# 86. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN


such a bright star
shinning with eyes,
eventually dies!

# 90. Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN


6am hosing
the Southern Cross
still horizontal

# 92. Lorin Ford, AU


the puddle I step in
looking at stars
another spring

# 104. Bill Kenney, US


through the bare trees
passing mist

# 119. Ella Wagemakers, NL


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