Vaughn Seward, CA, Zhanna P. Rader, US, and Hortensia Anderson, US




A Three-way Renhai*

Ice-Glazed Branches

Scrape of blades
by a line of evergreens
the snowplow stops.                               /ha

Crows perch on ice-glazed branches
skaters at the pond hold hands.               /ha

Frozen river

an early-bird fisherman
drills a hole.                                           /zr

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Hanging In There

Dark, musty cave
Big Brown bats hang in their
hibernating stupor.                                 /zr

A chilly breeze fills the air
crows perch on ice-glazed branches.      /zr

Snow-covered meadow

a deer scratches out
a patch of grass.                                   /vs

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Skaters Hold Hands

Across blue skies
ice crystals in cirrus clouds
go flying                                               /ha

Skaters at the pond hold hands
a chilly breeze fills the air.                    /vs

He pours her a cup
of marshmallows and cocoa

pine wood flames.                                /vs

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Written December 12, 2007 to January 15, 2008


*A three-way renhai consists of three inter-related renhai written by three different writers in which each pair of renhai share a common line in their middle verses. In other words, each writer writes one middle line that is used in two of the renhai. It is as if the renhai have a shared DNA and are true siblings even though they have different and distinct themes.







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