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My Picks for the Love Thread....

OMG, these are all so good that I have decided to do a very first Sketchbook Chap Book .....

I think I can get this one together rather easily.

I have actually two: A Baker's Dozen by ed baker and Love Poems: A Sketchbook of Love.....

I am going to try and do this right away I am working on the Sketchbook Cafe where there is a book section we can have. It is POD...print on demand...So we will put them together...and I will order a few to see the quality. If I do not like it I will go to another printer.

My Choices from the Love haiku thread in no particular order:

wild orchid
swaying in the breeze
love me or leave me

# 14. Ed Baker, US


Full moon
just so you know
I love her and her and her and her

# 19. Ed Baker, US


falling in love
all over again

# 03. Sophie Song, US



Clothes hanging to dry—
the evening breeze undresses
the moon's kimono

# 35. Vasile Moldovan, RO


between crickets and stars
my yearning

# 52. Magdalena Dale, RO




# 04. peter pache



full moon—
my neighbours
turn off the lights

# 45. Israel Lopez Balan, MX



the moon
so full
of memories

# 06. Judith Gorgone, US



high water rising
seagull riding choppy waves
"Muddy Watters" Blues

# 129. A. D. Winans, US



you draw a heart on the ice—
I follow your path.

# 38. Zhanna P. Rader, US

Also love this one !



just another love-poem
I send to you
and the bill for postage

# 23 Sophie Song, US



a lonely dog
guarding his master's grave—
the power of love

# 168. Keith Simmonds, TT



tropical midnight
slow dancing
on the glimmering sand

# 159. Catherine J. S. Lee, US

*chose this one because i want to do that !



Spring date:
his coat on her shoulders,
her purse in his hands...

# 157. Zhanna P. Rader, US

*picturing this made me laugh !



wilting love—
a bouquet of roses
from the bargain shop

# 154. Keith A. Simmonds, TT








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