John Daleiden's Love Thread Haiku Choices




My Choices from the Love Haiku

Something there is about the theme of love that makes poets expansiveprolific.  The following haiku strike a chord in my heart. These selections are arranged in random order.

For caustic wit and humour!

picking a Valentine's card
for my x-wife I say to the cashier:
"I love only you."

# 28. Ed Baker, US

For nostalgia and wistfulness!

Remedy against
our loneliness,
two cups of tea

# 27 Vasile Moldovan, RO

For the implicit suggestiveness of future pleasure!

sitting quietly
at a restaurant—
dessert at home

# 29. Trish Shields, CA

For having been there once and done that!

happy hour
he tells me again
he doesn't miss her

# 89. Bill Kenney, US.

For having burned my share in life!  who has not?

love letters—
now the sparks fly
up the chimney

# 123. Lorin Ford, AU

For experiencing total contentment with a life companion!

love blossoms
under the plum tree—
two hearts beat as one

# 121. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

For the enduring symbol of lasting commitment!

a pair of swans
glide through weeping willows
memories of us

# 149. Catherine J. S. Lee, US

For having God's blessing to leave some things unsaid!

These unsaid words,
hidden deeply in her heart—
leaves frozen in a pool.

# 189. Zhanna P. Rader, US

For the memories of days far distant and yet true today!

Newly wed
thier coffee grows cold
one more kiss

# 171. Angelika Kolompar, CA

For the remembrance of "yearning" which keeps me constantly alive!

between crickets and stars
my yearning

# 52. Magdalena Dale, RO

For coyness and innocence deceptively revealed in one moment!

Cheeks flushed,
she watches two butterflies dance
and opens her fan.

# 30. Zhanna P. Rader, US

For my wife for whom I care with deep passion!

valentine's day—
these red roses tell you
how much?

# 131. John Daleiden, US

For the insatiable appetite that makes life unending
worth enduring!

Full moon
just so you know
I love her and her and her and her

# 19. Ed Baker, US

A baker's dozenall sweetmeats of enticement—titillations of the palate.








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