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"Dance" 2008 Thread




To move with measured steps, or to a musical accompaniment; to go through, either alone or in company with others, with a regulated succession of movements, (commonly) to the sound of music; to trip or leap rhythmically.


To move nimbly or merrily; to express pleasure by motion; to caper; to frisk; to skip about.


To cause to dance, or move nimbly or merrily about, or up and down; to dandle.


The leaping, tripping, or measured stepping of one who dances; an amusement, in which the movements of the persons are regulated by art, in figures and in accord with music.


A tune by which dancing is regulated, as the minuet, the waltz, the cotillion, etc.

waiting for him
to ask me to dance—
heat shimmer


tripping down the steps—
who would have guessed
I was really dancing!


Karina Klesko

All of the dance poems were inspirational, made me want to go dancing. These are a few of my favorites. .  .


first dance recital
the littlest sunflower
twirls twirls twirls

# 59. Catherine J. S. Lee, US



dancing cranes—
the returning desire
of being with you

# 22. Jacek Margolak, PL



golden anniversary
once the jitterbug
now a slow waltz

# 01. Catherine J. S. Lee, US



Dance in the village—
Under the careless soles
A little daisy

# 10. Ioan Marinescu, RO



empty car park
two plastic bags dance
in a wind eddy

# 15. Rafal Zabratynski, PL



vacant day—
my son's kite dancing
between the clouds

# 32. Jacek Margolak, PL



Waiting for the rain
the Gipsy women
dance barefoot

# 38. Vasile Moldovan, RO



Resurrection Day—
even the old people
dancing, dancing

# 48. Vasile Moldovan, RO



Boogie Woogie—
singing the blues all night
eight to the bar

# 52. John Daleiden, US



orchid flower
hummingbird floats
in dance

# 53. Iga Gala Miemus, PL



ruins of a castle—
in a dance hall
the wind whirls

# 55. Iga Gala Miemus, PL


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