In Memory of William J. Higginson




Keith A. Simmonds, TT


a solitary star
twinkling in the vast expanse
watching over us



up and away
in the great beyond
but still in our spirit



a haijin's journey
has only just begun:



a bright star leaves
to find its rightful place
in the firmament




Martin Gotlieb Cohen, US


October chill
pine trees pass through the moon





Peggy Heinrich


fallen redwood
new shoots rise from the giant
in darkness and light





Vasile Moldovan, RO




A name
writen on "Red Fuji":
William Higginson



Autumn night—
in the haiku sky
a shooting star



Master's departure—
the whole haiku world is
in mourning for him



He departs...
but I keep within my heart
his Haiku Hand Book





Magdalena Dale, RO


Withered leaf
on the wings of wind…
sudden cold









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