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John Daleiden, US


Winter Escapes


"A Winter Holiday"—as we approach the month of December the meaning and importance of a "holiday" offers each of us the opportunity to take some private time away from the rigors of our daily routines.  We may take a brief "leave of absence" from our regular occupation for the purpose of rest or for recreation. We may embark on a trip or journey as a tourist or for recreation, or we may engage in specific observances focused on religion, or a public event. What ever the occasion we will use this special time for our own personal celebrations and festivities—a refreshing escape from the usual calendar of our daily life.

In November 2008 ten poets from six countries composed fifty-four haiku expressing their conceptions of a "winter holiday".


trying not
to think of school
high tide

# 16. Terrie Leigh Relf (semi), US



winter sun
on the rocking chair
a closed book

# 10. Jacek Margolak, PL



winter holidays
I buy a season ticket
to the sauna

# 45. Rafal Zabratynski, PL



lonesome tourist—
looking through the window
the moon eclipse

# 51. Maria Tirenescu, RO



holiday food
ain't what it used to be
—neither are you!

# 17. Ed Baker, US



I cough, it echoes
on that side of the park
—winter holidays!

# 40. Aleksandar Prokopiev, MK



vacation time
preparing to publish
the haiku book

# 37. Keith A. Simmonds, TT



in my down parka
as slim as anyone else
skiing silver slopes

# 39. Barbara A Taylor, AU


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