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Rengay Through the Seasons

by Masago & Friends

Autumn: October—Weeks 6 - 9

A Year in Rengay (September 2007 - August 2008) is a project started on September 2, 2007 by Masago (Vaughn Seward) and completed on August 24, 2008. It consists of a set of 52 weekly Rengay poems. A Rengay consists of six linked haiku that support a common theme. The creator of the rengay is Gary Gay.

Most Rengay are written collaboratively with two or three participants. They can also be written by one or six individuals. The rengay in this project were primarily written solo (by Masago). However, twelve of them, one for each month of the year, were composed as a joint effort with different guest rengay/haiku friends. The developing rengay series was posted on a blog.  One year later the completed rengay is being published in
Autumn: October—Weeks 6 - 9, is the second segment of this work.

The guest haiku poet in the second set of rengay is Haijin Daniela Bullas (Rengay #8):

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