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Hello all,

I feel a loss for a wonderful poet and friend—Ginka Biliarska, of Bulgaria.

My Dearest Ginka,

puddles on the road
a belated cart
is sprinkling stars

Ginka Biliarska, BG


my tears falling
into puddles filled
with new starlight

Karina Klesko, US


the road, it winds and winds
so that again
it might look backwards

Ginka Biliarska, BG


looking for you
on the road ahead. . . .
just over the horizon

Karina Klesko, US


a feather falls
and circles, having lost
its way and its direction

Ginka Biliarska, BG


beyond the clouds
a bird's sweet song—
homeward bound

Karina Klesko, US


I just learned of Ginka's passing this past year. I loved her and still will as we have the rengay we all wrote together forever. We had spoken on the phone and she is a very sweet person.

Karina .....





Road / Paths Thread

This month I have chosen five poems from the road haiku thread for recognition and brief comment.

This haiku is wonderful; I love the idea of being able to visit my garden with my mind. As I am losing my vision, this becomes more and more meaningful to me.

walking mind
in her garden

# 09. Ed Baker, US

I love the optimism of this poem; along this path nature bestows beauty upon the observer.

Summer evening—
the scent of gardenia
all along the road

#49. Zhanna P. Rader, US

This is just too cute—I could not resist it...and you can just hear that grabs you.

rainy night—
hurrying through the streets
the sound of flip flops

# 52. Gillena Cox, TT

This is interesting as it is written and it is only eighteen syllables...

tonight a full moon
the bridge is out
no one comes to visit
how pleasant!

# 33. Ed Baker, US

I just love this one; it is like a feeling, unexplainable... as the cranes fly into the autumn / chrysanthemum, Hail! A welcoming!

Heigh, chrysanthemum!
You bloom just now when the cranes
fly under the Milky Way

#64. Vasile Moldovan, RO





There were many good haiku sent to the thread this month. Because I enjoyed reading the road haiku thread, I would like to comment on several additional haiku

I like this haiku very much as it shows a freshness—a hopefulness of Spring, both sides of the road...beautiful and in youthfulness, which is represented by spring...

Warm April day—
both sides of the road
purple wisteria.

# 65. Zhanna P. Rader, US

This is funny—a nice senyru; the news in the middle of her across the street. It is unusual to beat a woman with

Heavy traffic—
a newspaper crosses the road
in front of me.

# 34. Zhanna P. Rader, US

Here is another wonderful contradiction of life: on a country road, behind a lifeless cart, empty of anything, a beautiful life/puppy is chained.

on the country road,
behind the empty cart
a chained puppy

# 57. Vasile Moldovan, RO

Another senyru—the irony of life:

runaway teen
leaning on the sign—
"adopt a highway"

# 40. Betty Kaplan, US

On a narrow path walking with someone would be close; so the image shows the closeness. I find it also interesting though—walking one thought / then...with you...and then / we we have

with you

This shows individuality as well as sharing; this path... marriage of aloneness and togetherness at the same time.

the narrow path—
walking alone with you
we dream

# 96. john daleiden, US

Another almost political senyru. This one is delightful, humorous...I can just picture it, and since I am from the North originally, been there, done that!!!!  Very fun.

Snowstorm at daybreak—
two snowmen arm in arm
on the country road

# 66. Serban Codrin, RO

Is there really a reason all the countries can't have the same road regulations? portrait of the human endeavors.

coming home from skiing—
driving on the right or the left
at the border?

# 47. Daniela Bullas, UK

This gives a deep picture in my mind. Men all day harvesting the fields, yet they themselves are spent, like the empty fields.

Harvest moon
tired men and horses
on the way home

# 75. Magdalena Dale, RO

The next three were interesting because they portray a path in different ways:

two Hawaiians paddle
a couch down the street

# 22. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

A different kind of path:

the old railway line
now a cycle way
we walk

# 21. Sally Evans, UK

And still another kind of path:

looking back at earth—
in a folding landscape
hairpin turns

# 30. Daniela Bullas , UK

I really love the whole idea of this one...but it needs to be restated as a haiku:

follow this road
to where the rainbow

# 55. Sally Evans, UK


follow this road—
where the rainbow

Karina Klesko

This is very interesting, as it shows all the branches of the highways that make up the Yellowhead Highway Corridor in an oak with many branches...this is very nice.

snowfall transforms
a twisted white oak—
the Yellowhead

The Yellowhead Highway Corridor stretches 3,500 km across Western Canada, along the Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway 16 from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Eastern Mile 0) west to Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands (Western Mile 0) and south on Yellowhead Highway 5 to Hope, British Columbia.

# 59. Trish Shields, CA

OMG...: this too funny...I would love to see this happening; this is one of those things you can just sit and watch for hours!

Summer night—
a house centipede sprints
along a moonbeam path.

# 76. Zhanna P. Rader, US

Hi Barbara; yes or the word 'detour'...this is more of a poem rather than a haiku which entails the live senses. I like the idea:

detour signs
a peaceful journey
always interrupted

Karina Klesko

the road-map to peace
over and over

# 82. Barbara Taylor, AU

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to read your poems. I wish I had more time to comment on all of the poems. Blessings.






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