October, 2007 Haiku ThreadAutumn Colors



Announcing the October 2007 Haiku Thread

For October 2007 the theme of the monthly haiku thread is autumn colors.

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the thread at The OutlawPoets; use the subject line autumn colors haiku thread.

The editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the October 31, 2007 Sketchbook.

Subject Line: autumn colors haiku thread

yellow walnut leaves
checker the brick path
the hoot of an owl

john daleiden




Autumn Colors Haiku Thread


yellow walnut leaves
checker the brick path
the hoot of an owl

# 01. john daleiden, US

ash coats
autumn leaves of gold
flights grounded

# 02. Trish Shields, CA

a spider web
reflecting the dawn
a still pool

# 03. john daleiden, US


Going north

fiery-red sumac trees
line up the road.

# 04. Zhanna P. Rader, US


orange, yellow
red, green, and brown
a Joseph’s coat

# 05. john daleiden, US

It stops raining—
the maple’ red-orange colors,
now beneath the tree.

# 06. Zhanna P. Rader, US


in the fields
dry brown milkweed pods
red-birds on the wing

# 07. john daleiden, US

crimson leaves
grace the meadows
my hand on the curve of her hip

# 08 Trish Shields, US


autumn rust
chrysanthemums line the path
Homecoming Dance

# 09 john daleiden, US

the crush
of ochre leaves
our first kiss

# 10 Trish Shields, CA

Autumn tears dampen
natures multi-color quilt
My heart skips a beat

# 11. Tammy Whisman, US


Brought in:
a bunch of red and yellow leaves
and the scent of fall

# 12. Zhanna P. Rader, US


Willows cry
leaves of brown
Libra moon shines

# 13. Tammy Whisman, US

morning dew
on the pumpkin vine
a spider web

# 14. john daleiden, US

the autumn light
seeps through pines.

# 15. Zhanna P. Rader , US

deciduous delight
of gold and scarlet leaves
evergreens envious

# 16. Andreas Gripp, CA

fall ing leaves
pumpkin moon
can winter be far behind

# 17. Ed Baker, US

The tree leaves
blazed to their full splendor,
drift away on the wind.

# 18. Zhanna P. Rader, US

a child frolics
among the maple leaves
autumn spirits

# 19. john daleiden, US

Pumpkin Lips
coloring my thinking
p u c k e r - u p !

# 20. Ed Baker, US

Jogging in the park

in the beggar’s pan
golden leaves.

Zhanna P. Rader, US


# 22. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US


monochrome green
yields a kaleidoscope
child's delight

# 23. Bryan Bridges, US


the doe and her fawn
drink at Gravel Spring
autumn sunlight

# 24. john daleiden, US


tie-dyed blues
wind through the leaves. . .
now gone

# 25. Karina Klesko, US


first leaf
of fall...
color spirals

# 26. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

Fallen leaves

the early-morning hoar frost
downplays their colors.

# 27. Zhanna P. Rader, US

Dripping birch branches
leaning against Autumn’s bite
whispers of wisdom

# 28. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US



the orange umbrella
of the poinciana tree—
a kitten sleeps

# 29 Betty Kaplan, US


Crisp air

the setting sun's
autumn colors.

# 30. Zhanna P. Rader, US


gold and scarlet leaves
frame skies of robin-egg blue

her stormy gray eyes

# 31. Michael Kleiza, CA

Orange nectar skies
drink away summertime blues
Chills run down my spine

# 32. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US

morning glories
among autumn leaves
the song of sparrows

# 33. john daleiden, US


grounded dragonfly
autumn leaves
blow by

# 34. Trish Shields, CA


Dewdrops form
on the last impatiens
autumn light.

# 35. Zhanna P. Rader, US


grinding ink
rice paper for the haiga
ginkos return

# 36. Bryan Bridges, US

blue-gray autumn skies
water reeds swaying

gun barrels

# 37. Michael Kleiza, CA


throwing the bales
onto the waiting wagons
scent of green cut hay

# 38. john daleiden, US
pink crocus'
amongst brown leaves
my niece's new child

# 39. Trish Shields, CA

maple leaf dances
across stony creek

# 40. Bryan Bridges, US


Early morning
all I can see is
bluish-gray fog.

# 41. Zhanna P. Rader, US


dried leaves swirl
raise and fall on the eddy

# 42. Bryan Bridges, US

sunlight shines
through the maple's red foliage
a cardinal's song

# 43. Zhanna P. Rader , US

warm sunlight
red leaf filtered
brisk breeze

# 44. Bryan Bridges, US


cotton balls
white on their green stalks
a mountain skyline

# 45. john daleiden, US

Wren's boisterous song

in the roses, the radiance
of autumn light.

# 46. Zhanna P. Rader, US


dead birch stands out
in the red gold and orange
old ghost

# 47. Bryan Bridges, US

Autumn in full bloom
lures leaf peepers and Jack Frost
Melancholy’s song

# 48. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US

Clear waters

this natural collage
of colorful leaves.

# 49. Zhanna P. Rader, US

between green and white
rainbow of the forest
autumn leaves

# 50. Bryan Bridges, US

golden aspen stand
below pine lodge poles
soon the snow

# 51. john daleiden, US


black and white
ink streaked rice paper
fall colors appear

# 52. Bryan Bridges, US


The pine needles raked
thin, bluish smoke comes
from the house chimney.

# 53. Zhanna P. Rader, US


a cloud of dust
in the yellow soy bean field
geese rest on the pond

# 54. john daleiden, US

black and white
vee line through blue
Canada geese

# 55. Bryan Bridges, US


Crisp morning whispers
seduce caffeine starved taste buds
nature's chameleon

# 56. Tammy Lynn Whisman
, US

at summer's end
acorns litter the ground
a harvest moon

# 57. john daleiden, US


lining the green field
the maple trees stand blazing

the campfire crackles

# 58. Michael Kleiza, CA

everywhere i look
bright colors erupt
winter coats

# 59. Bryan Bridges, US

children in their costumes,
black color prevails.

# 60. Zhanna P. Rader, US


white ghost masks—
halloween slips into
a TV Carnival feature

# 61. Gillena Cox, TT

Alone on the bench—
one by one, the maple leaves
join me.

# 62. Zhanna P. Rader, US

Morning tears dampen
an umbrella's fallen green
Calico cat purrs

# 63. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US

the gray lake reflects
orange and red staghorn sumac—
clouds backlit by sunset

# 64. Michael Kleiza, CA


lady cardinal
lost among red maple leaves
the noon whistle

# 65. john daleiden, US

Flaming foliage
ignites melancholy sighs
squirrels gather acorns

# 66. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US

Autumn light
in a forest clearing
a deer

# 67. Zhanna P. Rader, US

clouds and flocks gather
move south across the landscape—
leaves clutter the ground

# 68. Michael Kleiza, CA

a wooly bear
warms itself in autumn sun
thunder clouds

# 69. john daleiden, US
Northern wind—
the peach bucket fills
with red leaves.

# 70. Zhanna P. Rader, US

out of the Autumn mist
dew-strung sunlit webs—
a speechless beauty

# 71. Michael Kleiza, CA

Orange, red and gold
decorate nature's landscape
a fly stops to rest

# 72. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US


autumn colors
time of transition
in the life of a tree

# 73. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

White chrysanthemums...
borrowing some color
from the setting sun.

# 74. Zhanna P. Rader, US


autumn afternoon—
on the zinnia blossoms
two butterflies

# 75. john daleiden, US

tree signals
leaves to fall
weight of winter

# 76. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US


enjoying the autumn leaves
in my neighbor's yard

# 77. Karina Klesko, US


gutters full of leaves
stagnating autumn’s freshness
vegetable soup

# 78. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US

hazy moon
all the fallen rose petals
a softer white

# 80. Karina Klesko, US

Giant spider webs
and limbless ghosts in the trees—

# 79. Zhanna P. Rader, US
fall flyer in mailbox
garden waste bags: 5@1.99—
autumn value days

# 81. Michael Kleiza, CA

Clearer the night sky
in it’s moonlight afterglow
Toasted pumpkin seeds

# 82. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US


lemon meringue pie—
afternoon clouds

# 83. Karina Klesko, US

lemon is an autumn kigo

first leaf
of fall...
color spirals

# 84. shanna baldwin moore, US

in the desert
autumn colors are cool days—
sand and mountains

# 85. john daleiden, US

raking fallen leaves uncovers
a gray mouse with maggots—
proof of life after death

# 86. m. kleiza, CA


chopped liver
from autumn picnic baskets
rye bread for the ants

# 87. john daleiden
, US

A park walk:
the children pick up
colorful leaves.

# 88. Zhanna P. Rader, US


vees of geese
honking south across the gray sky—
fall spell

# 89. m. kleiza, CA

maple tree
a crow sits in a crown
of yellow leaves

# 90. Karina Klesko, US

autumn kigo—yellow leaves

after three cognac
autumn colors every tree—
leaves swirl in the breeze

# 91. john daleiden, US

Among the red maples
his body lies on the fallen leaves—
the mist

# 92. Michael Kleiza, CS

Autumn’s camouflage
the bloom fell off the red rose
leaving only thorns

# 93. Tammy Lynn Whisman

in morning dew
a sluggish gypsy moth
the brick path curves

# 94. john daleiden

The grove holds
to the sunset light—
our leaf-strewn path.

# 95. Zhanna P. Rader


at twilight
birds perch on the feeder
a hairy caterpillar

# 96. john daleiden

Indian summer:
children jump on the heaps
of bright leafage.

# 97. Zhanna P. Rader

three migrant workers
kneeling in the fields—
southbound geese fly by

# 98. Michael Kleiza

inch up the zinnia stems
a sudden breeze

# 99. john daleiden



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