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9 / 11 New YorkSaul Bernstein



Shanna Baldwin Moore, Doris Kasson,
Jeffrey Woodward, Barbara A. Taylor, F. N. Wright,
Ed Baker, an'ya


September 15, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 3



Global Correspondents

Connecting to India

Kala Ramesh—Haiga: Into the Future


Connecting to Senegal

E. E. Sule: Talkshop, The unspoken verb, Violent but at once tender


Connecting to Trinidad

Gillena Cox: Emancipation Day


Connecting to Israel

Helen Bar Lev: Metulla, Voices Israel Anthology News, Three Poems


Connecting to

InJohn Tiong Chunghoo: Indians take over Chinatown




John Tiong Chunghoo, Malaysia
Gillena Cox, Trinidad
Sally Evans, Scotland
Helen Bar-Lev, Israel
Cristian Mocanu, Romania  
Rita Odeh, Palestine
Kala Ramesh, India
E. E. Sule, Nigeria

Various Correspondents will be featured from month to month.


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Cinqku, CinquainCrystalline, Fibonacci, Free Verse, Haibun, Haiku, Kyoka, Light Verse, Mondo, PantoumRondeau, Sedoka, Shan-zi, Sijo, Sonnet, Stella Renga, Tanka, Tetractys


Sketchbook is an E-Journal for  TheOutlawPoets  
and The Poetrybridge writers

Submission deadline: 12th of each month

Sketchbook will be published on the 15th of each month

 Send to: submissionseditor@poetrywriting.org

Subject: Submission + Name



Announcing October 2007 Kukai

For the October 2007 Kukai submit one to three HAIKU using the kigo night chill.  The exact words “night chill”  or "cold night" must be used in the haiku.

on her day off
the prostitute wakes up alone—
the night's chill        
 / Chiyo—ni

To: Kukaieditor@poetrywriting.org
Subject: October 2007 night chill kigo

Submissions: September 15, 2007 - October 17, 2007 Midnight.
Voting: October 18, 2007 - October 24, 2007 Midnight.

The results will be published in the October 31, 2007 Sketchbook.


Announcing the October 2007 Haiku Thread

For October 2007 the theme of the monthly haiku thread is autumn colors.

Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the thread at The OutlawPoets; use the subject line autumn colors haiku thread. TheOutlawPoets@yahoogroups.com

The editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the October 31, 2007 Sketchbook.

The contents of Sketchbook are protected
by Copyright © 2007



Special Features


Max Verhart and Betty Kaplan—Haigay: Where the Waves Clash, Seeds of Chance

Max Verhart and Marlene Buitelaar—Crows on the Coach-Box


Daniela Bullas and Vaughn Seward—The Last Swatch

Vaughn Seward and Daniela Bullas—Penny on the Floor

Ginka Biliarska and Angela Leuck—A House On The River—I

Ginka Biliarska and Jennie Townsend—A House On The River—II

Zhanna P. Rader and Karina Klesko—Transfixed

Betty Kaplan and Max Verhart—What Day Is It?

Max Verhart and Betty Kaplan—Spinning the Globe

Vaughn Seward and Zhanna Rader—He Arrives at the Kitchen

John Daleiden—Where Have They Gone?  A Philosophical Solo Rengay

Marlene Buitelaar and Betty Kaplan—Behind the Masks


Penelope Greenwall and Betty Kaplan—A Spring Nujuin Renku: One Petal Falls

Gerry Bravi—Midnight Rain

Covey of Noisy Quail

A Triparshva Renku

Hortensia Anderson, US; Karina Klesko, US; John Daleiden, US; Zhanna P. Rader, US; Betty Kaplan, US; Trish Shields, CA—Covey of Noisy Quail
                          Vertical Version                         
                          Horizontal Version

Sabaki: Karina Klesko
Pattern by Norman Darlington

Quilt Poems

M. Kei—Tanka and Haiku Inspired by Family Quilts

Western Ci

Cristian Mocanu—A Simple Song, Diving, Cherry Blossoms. See Western Ci in the September 2007 Writer's Handbook Below


Karina KleskoThe Blind Date, photo by Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan photo

Beneath A Cherry Moon


The Art of Paul Gent


The Art of Nataliejo Wright

Haiku Inspired by the art.

F. N. Wright—An Artist Emerges


Tributes to Luciano Pavarotti

October 12, 1935 - September 6, 2007


Book Excerpt

M. Kei—Excerpts from Heron Sea, Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay



Louise Linville—Nine Photographs


In Memory of 9 / 11

9 / 11 Ice Sculpture

9 / 11 New York



The OutlawPoets II

A. D. Winans—Midnight Dream, A. D. Winans Remembers North Beach

F. N. Wright—Haiga: a bear, Memories of Mattoon Continued,  Free VerseDenver, Benzaiten, he wanted

Gypsy James ...A Big Bird in a Coolthe Night...

Vaughn MarloweThem Ol'Summer Solstice Blues

Vince Becka staccato burst from an automatic weapon...

Shanna Baldwin Moore—Gypsy, At the Gas House, Poetry Jazz

Jeffrey Woodward—Haiku, Lullaby, Free Verse



Co-Editors Sketchbook II: September 2007
Shanna Baldwin Moore
F. N. Wright


Editor's February Haiku Choice

You Be the Judge Results!

Read the Love haiku


Editor's March Haiku Choice

To be announced after proof readers finish

John's Choices

Karina's Choices

Read the Luck Haiku


 2007 March Green Kukai

  First Place: Ginka Biliarska

  Second Place: Betty Kaplan, John Daleiden, 
  Deborah P. Kolodji

  Third Place: Victor P. Gendrano, Ginka

Read the Green haiku kukai


From The Editor's Desks

Karina Klesko

John Daleiden 


A Writer's Handbook

Western Ci, Anyone?, Cristian Mocanu

Haigay, Max Verhart

Stellarenga, John Daleiden


Cover Art

"Sarjan Girl with Kite - Ahmedabad" - Paul Gent


Book Fair

Featured book of the Month:

The Art of Haiku, Gerald England, ed.
Spirit Harvest, Trish Shields
unfinished book, Deborah P. Kolodji
Flowers of Life,  Brian Strand
Shorthand of the Heart, Brian Strand
Poiema: Ekphrasis poems, Brian Strand
Phaneros, a selection of Lanternes: Brian Strand
Things Just Come Through,  Ed Baker
Cobweb, Cristian Mocanu
Watching the Buds of Dream, Rita Odeh
The Language of Sparrows, Andreas Gripp
Like Darwin Among the Gods, Andreas Gripp
Presence of Mind, Jim Kacian
Oklahoma Heat, Marc Thompson
(C)opyright Sign, Daniela Bullas
Animals are Nature's Poetry, Helen Bar-Lev
San Francisco Blues, A. D. Winans
whispers from hell, A. D. Winans
Rustle of Bamboo Leaves, Victor P. Gendrano
Coast Lines, Trish Shields and Katherine Gordon
Fire Pearls, M. Kei, editor
Heron Sea: Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay, M. Kei





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