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Danica Bartulović, CR


Free Verse

Our Horizons


Our horizons are blacker
there are too dark clouds
too much worry
too much wreaths of thorns

woods and fields are grieving
rivers dry up of sorrow
the whales became suicidal
the sea sobs

days are fading in fogs
choking with poison smog
the blush face of the dawn is wrinkled

the winds are howling wildly
against the one who conspires

in the cages of steel and concrete
our souls are dying confined

all benefits
all pleasures
all fruits of the intellect
all our reached views
raising us to the heights
all our pleasures and glitter
attract our sights

all this creates a low moral
it tightens us and pierces near the heart
we wonder
wherefrom so much bitterness
wherefrom so many sufferings and pains
wherefrom so much wounds



Ardently Please


If any way it is possible
humbly              I pray
without censorship
I pray for the freedom of speech
for the right word for it
I pray for roses
not to be pulled out
of my heart
pearl bubbles swimming in my soul
not to be turned off
corpse not to be thrown out
in front of my eyes

If any way it is possible
please no slavery chain
around the neck
around the ankles
no poison in the bread
no chip in the hand and clothes

it is important
very important
at least some rights
a little freedom

not to hit with the head
always against the wall
not to drown ourselves
in the puddle of our own blood

going that way
where we are pushed by force
ashamed and hopeless
as the slaves
silently guided

Ardently please



Collect Tears


To walk the world
spill the tears
and collect the tears
It's not my intention
nor desire

to plant the flowers
tremble as young leaves in the breeze
smile in the morning
have confidence in people and life
chasing butterflies in the field

have lots of hopes and desires
and faith
and patience

and the sweet fruits of love on the branches

and a little tears
and unrest
and a little sadness

and silver moon shadow
but in everything again
the joy of life
the pure and healthy
like mother's milk



We come Dawn


Above Perun
Dawn is shown surrounded by the stars
Real Lady
the shiny air crystals are her gown
refreshed by happiness

Welcome Dawn, the friend
Dawn faithful and beautiful
Dawn the messenger of the Day

and the Dawn is answering

"Sorry to lift the dream of your eyes
that the night sent it to you
and put it in the cradle

I want to wash myself
in the river and creek
pray the morning prayer
before the sound of bells
before the Sky becomes blue"

Good luck Dawn
and thank you

without your arrival
it would be sad for all
We're looking forward to you
joy connects you with us



The Apocalypse


On the television screen
a shot is fired into my heart
breaking crystal glasses on the shelf
scattering the window panes
drilling the concrete walls
leaving a frightening trace of hell
in my home

then the crying women
face wrinkled with hot tears
distraught wailing loudly
running away from their destroyed homes
with a hungry orphan in arms
whose eyes of fright and horror
became two deep volcano craters

and the pictures run away





You have countless eyes
You can see the ant under the ground
hear the breath of a fish in the midst
of the deep sea
You know what the rock heart dreams

You have countless hands
You can hug your every creature

God hurry up!
The Apocalypse
has arrived









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