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Vera Primorac, CR


Free Verse

While I'm Climbing with You


I plod over the mountain lanes
Surrounded by silence and peace
My lord is near me
His touch embraces
His light accepting me

When I sleep and when I dream
When mists are there and gales
When I ascend and when I fall
Even when cease the rains
He abides by my side

You are present in everything, my Lord,
Because of you I withhold hope
You are within my soul when I suffer
You are in my heart when it moans
You are in my every sob

You are in everything, my Lord
In everything that breaths
On every meadow and each grass blade
In a white cloud and blueness of the sky
In gilded dawn when the sun is born

You are in the birds’ songs and their flight
In the scent of flower bathed by the dew
You are in everything, my Lord, since the primeval
And be praised
For on thy path
I follow you









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