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Ekphrastic Free Verse

Stella Armour, UK


       Ernesto Cortazar, "With You"

Video edited by New Ocean Flower 2008 on You Tube

In Time


Spring will come to you once again
Kissing your sleepy perception
With her awakening love

As you feel the warmth
Of dawn’s dew kissed breath
Upon your frightened face
Your skin will tingle
With the ecstasy of new freedom

Unbelieving seeds of hopefulness
Cast into the shadow of yesterday
Find their way to light once again
In the nourishment of shared faith

Into those dulled sad eyes
Where reason cannot now see
A spark will become ignited
In the reality of your dreams

Patience and peacefulness
Will grow side by side
In the focus of your mind
Healing comes when the time is right
Quietly from within your soul

Spring will come to you once again
In time my friend, in time




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