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Stefanija Ludvig, CR


Free Verse

The Temptation


My God
Thou have wanted
to play with me today
put me in a temptation

So many times
Thou have warned me
grabbed my neck
pulled me out
of the abyss

I've been Thy proof model
and I've known
what to do

A bank clerk
has paid me by mistake
much more money
of requested amount

He hasn't known an idea
what damage he's done
at this moment
but he's got the money
back before he understood
the fact

I don't know why
I am telling this to Thee
though Thou know everything

Thou have put me
in a temptation
testing my honesty

I feel Thou are happy
and the Clerk is happy too

I have never saw
one's eyes happier
in the glow of gratitude
to this day

My soul has bloomed
in the act of satisfaction









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