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Štefanija Ludvig, CR


Free Verse

And the Star is Dying

Don't look at a star
which falls into the abyss
it's empty
pale and tired
light as autumn leaf

Seeing the one
you remain sad
Ice clod in the throat
in the heart
loss of a spark

It's the soul of the One
what was shining once
flickering gently
gone with the grief
died in silence
waiting for

The Almighty
will raise it up
the world will be
shone again
on the stellar track

We will recognize it



Wounded Forever

The unappeasable pain
even today
lives in the eyes
of the belivers

On the Calvary
silently they pray
at each station
they bow
kissing His bloody wounds
who redeemed the world

Caressing his torture marks
feeling guilty
the betrayal of others
humiliation and pain
he had suffered
for the people

Great compassion
still lives
in the hearts
for Him

We pray thanking Him
to His love from the sky









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