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Danica Bartulovic, CR


Free Verse

Who Can


Who can
walk through the valley shadows
climb the slope of life

and not be dusty
not be tempted
not be tired

who can sail the seas
and not sink
who can fly everywhere eagles fly
and not break their wings

when the black clouds
flock together over the head
rush into the heart
and pollute the mind

when we fail
and barely remain alive

only then man falls to the knees
and prays humbly

Almighty God have mercy
with the Almighty wing
cover us



Between Heaven and Earth


Between Heaven and Earth
there are worlds of silence
neither the sunlight enters inside
nor the night darkness

there is no space for flying planes
no buzzing rockets

there are no black ravens
nor the croaking crows

even our thoughts do not reach there
only the souls fulfilled by the goodness
dedicated with love

to them
the grace is bestowed
to return to the Splendor



A Little Luck


you look for me
you call me
with your heart
with your thoughts
I look for you too

your outstretched hands lure me so
and your glossy eyes absorb me
in yourself

I stand alone
in the middle of the desert like the tree without green leaves
you want to come to me
even to the desert
bring water

I don't know why I am so petrified
why I am afraid
to get a gift
a little luck



Your Eyes


Your clear eyes
childish pure

your eyes
peaceful once
sometimes excited by the secret longings

say out all sweet and beloved words
they touch me
move me

your eyes



On the White Paper Sheet


On the white paper sheet
I write the verses

once the bird take off out of them
the spring runs
healing someone's heart

I write love
sometimes the paper sparks of it

but the soul is afraid
the storm could come
and break off the white sheet

and the letters could be
rinsed away by the rains



The Sky is for Man


The bird flies high
my thoughts fly higher
I am poured out into the stars
fulfilling infinity
I last in the stars

suddenly something cramps me
tightens me
I  condense myself into a cloud
shrink myself
sitting down on earth

I become a rock unshaken
harder than a stone nerve
but I remember
I am the soul
I can't stay so lifeless

so I pray to the One
who gave birth to me
impregnated with the Holly Spirit
let Him strike me with the flint
to spark me
into a trance, a flame
so I can dream the silk white angels again
giving them hands
becoming much more than hardened mud
because Heaven is for man
a wide eternal azure









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